A Frame Off Restoration

Stencil Cutting

Stencil Cutting
After researching the period correct stenciling for this Seabees Jeep (not an easy task) we began creating and cutting the stencils.

Last Major Part Painted

Last Paint Windshield
A milestone for sure—we painted the last major piece, the windshield. With the exception of a few small parts and the stencil work, we finished painting the Jeep!

Windshield Primed and Ready

Windshield Prep
The final large part, the windshield, after returning from the the sand blaster it was primed and readied for painting.

It's off to the Sand Blaster!

Sand Blasting the Windshield Frame
The last major part was off to the Sandblaster. The $35 saved hours of wire brushing, sanding and prepping.

Finished Painting Body Parts

Photo fo Jeep Body Parts
Another milestone! We finished painting most of the larger body parts. The windshield and a few small pieces, some nuts and bolts and we moved on to complete Phase III — installation!
1953 M38A1 Navy Jeep

Phase II Restore

With the easy part behind us it' was time to start restoring or replacing parts. This took the longest time because each piece had to be cleaned, inspected, refurbished or replaced. It was fun to learn about each component and gratifying to see each part repaired and ready to install.

Click the Phase II link below and scroll to the bottom to see the progression.