A Frame Off Restoration

May 2016

It's Wired!

Photo of Jeep headlights on
We completed the connections to all the electronics; ignition, lights and the horn. Nothing like the simple days of common sense components. Especially if you’re willing to trade comfort, safety and reliability for pure fun!

Grill Welting

Grill Welting
Installed the Grill Welting with split rivets. It is a coated heavy cotton welting used on the top of the grill as a cushion for the hood to sit on.

Serial Number Data Plate

Installed the all important Serial Number Data Plate. This identifies the model and serial number of the Jeep. They were not issued VIN numbers in those days.

Jerrycan Strap

Photo of Jerry Can
Installed a new Jerry Can strap after replacing the reproduction buckle with the original one from the old strap.

Vacuum Wipers Installed

Photo of wipers
We installed the vacuum wipers. They are not the most reliable but that’s what they used sixty plus years ago!

It's a Jeep!

Photo of M38A1 Jeep
It’s a Jeep! We installed the windshield and suddenly it looked like a jeep. The project was nearing completion and the anticipation for the first road trip was building!

Installed the New Coil

Photo of Coil
Before the restoration the Jeep would cut out from time to time. It could have been fuel, or spark, but a few new components seemed prudent.

Replaced Themostat

Photo of old thermostat gasket
Replaced the Thermostat while in the process of fixing a coolant leak from one of the bolts in the thermostat housing.

New Distributor

Photo of distributor
We decided to replace the distributor. After having some trouble getting the old one out, we struggled again trying to put the new one in until we discovered that the replacement had to be rotated 180 degrees! It turns out the oil pump slot is slightly off center.
1953 M38A1 Navy Jeep

Phase III Restore

Assembly time! Using the hundreds of pictures, careful labeling, reading the manuals and most importantly consulting the internet, YouTube, and knowledgeable friends and vendors we put each component back together an on the Jeep. It was very gratifying to see each part back in place. Some parts had not been on the Jeep since it was on active duty!

Click the Phase III link below and scroll to the bottom to see the progression.