A Frame Off Restoration

Clutch Cable Boot

Photo of clutch cable boot
After a little late start we are continued the restoration. We installed the Clutch Cable Boot. It turned out to be a real ordeal. To install the boot you have to remove the cable, in doing so the fork dropped into the bell housing. That took some time to retrieve. The boot was a little smaller than the original which required a little jury rigging.
1953 M38A1 Navy Jeep

Phase III Restore

Assembly time! Using the hundreds of pictures, careful labeling, reading the manuals and most importantly consulting the internet, YouTube, and knowledgeable friends and vendors we put each component back together an on the Jeep. It was very gratifying to see each part back in place. Some parts had not been on the Jeep since it was on active duty!

Click the Phase III link below and scroll to the bottom to see the progression.