A Frame Off Restoration

April 2016

Replaced Transfer Case Seal

Photo of Trasfer Case Seal
Replaced the transfer case rear output seal. It was leaking, probably due to sitting in the garage for 4 years and drying out. It would have been so much easier when the drive train was out!

New Douglas Connection

Photo of Doglas connection tool
Some of the headlight wires and Douglas connections had to be replaced, the originals were old and cracked.

Engine Up and Running!

Engine Starts
The engine came back to life! This was a big milestone for our project. It had a little trouble starting, some fresh coil and spark plug wires, along with some cranking to care of it.

Test Run Check List

Photo of Check List icon
Prior to starting the engine we completed the following items:
* Adjusted Pulley Belts • Filled Oil Bath Air Filter • Torqued all bolts
• Primed Fuel Lines • Installed Battery • Checked all Electrical Grounds
• Drained and refilled Differentials • Installed and filled Radiator
• Installed Fan Belts • Hooked up Manual Throttle • Filled Engine Oil
• Hooked up Manual Choke • Drained and fill Transmission

More Parts Installed

April-15 Progress
We completed a number of tasks including installation of the the Slave Cable Plug Connector, the Hand Brake assembly and the Choke and Throttle Cable hook-up.

Installed the Rebuilt Fuel Pump

Photo of fuel pump
We installed the rebuilt fuel pump. We bought a correct “working” military fuel pump from eBay, but decided to rebuild it—just in case. When we bought the jeep it came with a “Bubba” electric fuel pump setup probably from a CJ.

E-Brake Prep and Gear Oil Change

Photo of E-Brake parts
Started prepping the e-brake assembly and finished changing the gear oil in the transfer case and transmission. It was in pretty bad condition. Water gushed out ahead of the oil. It must have been a long time between oil changes.

Changed Differntial Oil

Photo of differential gears
We changed the differential oil front and back. The oil must have been in there a long time because it was pitch black and sludgy. Defiantly time for a change.
1953 M38A1 Navy Jeep

Phase III Restore

Assembly time! Using the hundreds of pictures, careful labeling, reading the manuals and most importantly consulting the internet, YouTube, and knowledgeable friends and vendors we put each component back together an on the Jeep. It was very gratifying to see each part back in place. Some parts had not been on the Jeep since it was on active duty!

Click the Phase III link below and scroll to the bottom to see the progression.