A Frame Off Restoration

Phase IV

Winter Storage

Winter Storage
Sad day! It's always a little sad to put the Jeep away for the winter. But with its protective cover, fuel preservative, reduced air pressure in the tires and a battery tender it will be in good shape in the Spring.

Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat
With the warmer, dryer weather we were able to delay the Jeep's winter retirement. That gave us the opportunity to use the Jeep as a prop for "Indiana Jones" at our annual church "Trunk or Treat" Halloween celebration.

Driving the Jeep

Sunday Jeep Ride
With the late summer weather it gives us more opportunities to take the jeep out for a Sunday drive. #Fun!

Avoiding a 50 Cal Issue

50 Caliber Cover
So how do you move around the streets of Seattle with a mounted 50 Caliber Machine Gun? Covered of course!

Throttle Return Spring

Throttle Return Spring

The previous owner rigged a makeshift throttle return spring setup. It was not period correct and often failed to return to the correct idle position. We installed the correct NOS configuration. It functions properly now.

50 Cal Machine Gun Mounted

50 Cal Mounted-2

The “Piece de resistance”—we mounted the 50 cal replica on the jeep. With a couple cosmetic items and a few tweaks we have pretty much accomplished our goal, set six years and eleven months ago.

Finally, No Exhaust Leak!

Exhaust Manifold Assembly

After fixing the exhaust pipe and flange alignment we discovered the major exhaust leak. It turned out to be a missing bolt on the lower exhaust manifold assembly. Don’t know if we missed it on the rebuild or it worked it’s way out, probably the former!

Close but no cigar!

Misaligned Exhaust Flange

The problem with the exhaust alignment turned out to be a misaligned exhaust flange on the down pipe from the manifold. Just an eight of an inch can through the hole assembly off requiring too much force on the joints. After replacing the pipe everything lined up correctly.

Exhaust Leak Part II

Exhaust Lead
Fixed (we hope) a nagging exhaust leak at the connection of the tailpipe flange to exhaust manifold. Because we have attempted to fix this before with short term success, we’re afraid it may be caused by misalignment of the exhaust assembly. We really had to put a lot of force on the connection to get all the bolts to line up. We replaced the gasket and used Permatex Ultra Copper. Time will tell.

Fixed Small Fuel Leak

Fixed Fuel Leak
After installing a new fuel to carburetor line we had to fix a small fuel leak at the fuel pump.

Generator and Altenator

Rebuilt Generator
The generator and new regulator are back on, charging strong! We took the Jeep out for a test drive. After returning we noticed a little fuel leaking from the fitting at the fuel pump. This is just part of the tweaking we have to do to get it “ship shape” and ready for this season’s parades and shows.

Generator Allignment

Generator Allignment
In working with the 12 volt conversion generator we noticed that the pulley was not properly aligned with the other pulleys. It was about 1/2 inch short. To fix the problem we hand to trim the generator bracket, relocate the bolt wholes and add a few more washers for spacers.

Regulator Fail!

After rebuilding the generator and reinstalling it we watched the gauge jump to 14 volts as the refurbished generator got back to work. We drove the Jeep a few times around the block and parked it. About 15 minutes later we noticed smoke coming from the engine bay. It was the generator bellowing out smoke with that terrible odor of burnt wiring. It turns out we had a regulator failure and it shorted out the generator, destroying the armature. Restoration is not a perfect road!

* Note:
We may have been the cause of the regulator failure!
[See Lessons Learned]

Rebuilding the Generator

Rebuild the Generator
The Jeep was making a squealing sound after driving it for a short time. It sounded like a failing bearing. We suspect the generator so we rebuild it.

* Note: This turned out to be a misdiagnosis. [See Learning Curve]

Starting Season 6

Starting Jeep Season Six
The unwrapping! Taking the cover off after the winter break is always a thrill. We’re starting the 6th Season since we purchased the Jeep.

All Wrapped Up

Jeep Cover
All wrapped up for the Winter with a note: “Do not open until Spring!”

Prep for Winter Storage

Winter Prep
We prepared the Jeep for an eight month storage. We filled the gas tank, added a preservative to the fuel, slightly over inflated the tires, covered seats and put it on wheel dollies. We’ll put a car cover over the Jeep and let it hibernate for the winter—kind of sad.

Last Outing for the Season

Last Ride 2016
We took the jeep out for its last outing before putting it away for its long winter’s nap. It seemed appropriate to go back to Dick’s Drive In, the same place we went to on the frist trip of the season.

Carb Fuel Connection

Fuel Lines
Completed the fuel line connection to the Carter WO Carburetor.

Replaced Solex Carb

Carter Cab
We replaced the loaner Solex Carburetor with the rebuilt period correct Carter WO Carburetor.

Water Pump Problem

Water Pump
The water pump was squealing like a greased pig! It needed to be rebuilt. We sent it in to “Army Jeep Parts. Inc.” for a complete rebuild. It’s the best way to be sure the pump will fit properly.

* Note: This turned out to be a misdiagnosis.
[See Learning Curve]

Exhaust Leak

Exhaust Leak
We discovered an exhaust leak where the exhaust pipe joins the manifold. You can see the carbon residue on the gasket.
1953 M38A1 Navy Jeep

Phase IV Maintenance

Maintenance is an ongoing activity. It’s the best part of the restoration project. It is gratifying to fix something and then take the jeep for a test drive. It only gets better from this point!

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