A Frame Off Restoration

October 2016

Carb Fuel Connection

Fuel Lines
Completed the fuel line connection to the Carter WO Carburetor.

Replaced Solex Carb

Carter Cab
We replaced the loaner Solex Carburetor with the rebuilt period correct Carter WO Carburetor.

Water Pump Problem

Water Pump
The water pump was squealing like a greased pig! It needed to be rebuilt. We sent it in to “Army Jeep Parts. Inc.” for a complete rebuild. It’s the best way to be sure the pump will fit properly.

* Note: This turned out to be a misdiagnosis.
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Exhaust Leak

Exhaust Leak
We discovered an exhaust leak where the exhaust pipe joins the manifold. You can see the carbon residue on the gasket.
1953 M38A1 Navy Jeep

Phase IV Maintenance

Maintenance is an ongoing activity. It’s the best part of the restoration project. It is gratifying to fix something and then take the jeep for a test drive. It only gets better from this point!

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