A Frame Off Restoration

June 2017

Throttle Return Spring

Throttle Return Spring

The previous owner rigged a makeshift throttle return spring setup. It was not period correct and often failed to return to the correct idle position. We installed the correct NOS configuration. It functions properly now.

50 Cal Machine Gun Mounted

50 Cal Mounted-2

The “Piece de resistance”—we mounted the 50 cal replica on the jeep. With a couple cosmetic items and a few tweaks we have pretty much accomplished our goal, set six years and eleven months ago.

Finally, No Exhaust Leak!

Exhaust Manifold Assembly

After fixing the exhaust pipe and flange alignment we discovered the major exhaust leak. It turned out to be a missing bolt on the lower exhaust manifold assembly. Don’t know if we missed it on the rebuild or it worked it’s way out, probably the former!

Close but no cigar!

Misaligned Exhaust Flange

The problem with the exhaust alignment turned out to be a misaligned exhaust flange on the down pipe from the manifold. Just an eight of an inch can through the hole assembly off requiring too much force on the joints. After replacing the pipe everything lined up correctly.
1953 M38A1 Navy Jeep

Phase IV Maintenance

Maintenance is an ongoing activity. It’s the best part of the restoration project. It is gratifying to fix something and then take the jeep for a test drive. It only gets better from this point!

Click the Phase IV link below and scroll to the bottom to see the progression.