A Frame Off Restoration

July 2011

Revoved Heater

Removing Heater
The Jeep came with a heater. Military Jeeps did not have this type of heater. It appears to be a mod from the School District when it was used it as a snowplow! We removed it before our “AS IS” show entry.

Removed the Top

Removing Top
The first thing we did was to take off the doors and top. This “Arctic Top” was added to the M38A1 during the Korean War. They are pretty rare now. This one is in fair condition. We’ll be leaving it off for this restoration.

Began Phase I

Original Jeep
The adventure began, July 23, 2011. The project proceeded in three phases, removal of the parts, restoration of the parts, and reassembly of the jeep. You are invited to share the experience by reading through the entries in this blog and if you are of the mind to start a similar restoration project, let us assure you, it is worth it!
1953 M38A1 Navy Jeep

Phase I Restore

Phase I focused on dismantling each component. It was important to take a lot of pictures, organize the pieces in plastic baggies, plastic shoe boxes, and larger containers. It was years before we put it all back on, so time spent organization paid dividends later. One piece of advise we read and now experienced; take more pictures!

Click the Phase I link below and scroll to the bottom to see the progression.