Flashing the Generator

A Frame Off Restoration

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We may have caused the regulator to fail by improperly polarizing (flashing) the generator. We found a tutorial on YouTube that showed a wonderful step by step procedure. We followed the suggested method. Unfortunately we later realized they were polarizing a positive ground system while ours is a negative ground. We can't say for sure if that caused the regulator to short out the generator but it taught another valuable lesson to make sure you are talking about the same assembly.

Lesson Learned:
Polarizing a Negative Ground Generator:
It turns out that the polarizing procedure depends upon whether the FIELD is grounded externally or internally. If the generator field is externally grounded, momentarily touch a jumper wire from the “BAT” terminal of the voltage regulator to the “ARM” terminal. If the FIELD is internally grounded you should disconnect the FIELD wire from the regulator and momentarily touch the wire to the “BAT” terminal.
1953 M38A1 Navy Jeep